Attacking build up play (U12 game)


Attacking build up play


“Look at the player you are passing to” • “Good first touch to get the ball out of your feet” • “Look where you are passing” • “Move to receive the pass”

Set up a 30 x 30 yards area with a standard 9v9 goal at each end. Start with a defender and a goalkeeper in each half and two attackers in the centre.

The attackers go 2v1 against the first defender using passing and support play, and then turn to receive a second ball for a 2v1 in the opposite direction.

Advance the session by bringing on three more players and make it three attackers and two defenders in each half.

In the 3v2 progression, the link play between attackers is important to split the defenders and get behind the defence.

Play as before and there should be much more movement and numerous opportunities to overlap.

How many players do I need?

We used nine players in this game.

Game play

Pass and overlap the receiving player.
Movement off the ball is key to success.
Accurate shooting into the goals.

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