Attacking build up play (U14 activity)


Attacking build up play


“Look at the player you are passing to” • “Good first touch to get the ball out of your feet” • “Look where you are passing” • “Move to receive the pass”

Set up a 40 x 30 yards area with a goal at each end. You need two teams of four plus goalkeepers. Position the teams at either end of the pitch next to the goals.

This activity is all about making use of the overloads in the buildup to scoring a goal. The first player from the blue team dribbles and uses three touches to shoot at the opposite keeper.

Immediately two players from the white team make a 2v1 going in the opposite direction.

Players are then added in sequence – so next it’s a 3v2 in favour of the blues - until all players have entered the pitch to finally make it 4v4.

End the session with a 4v4 game and play until all eight balls have gone off the pitch. Which team has the most goals?

How many players do I need?

We used 10 players for this activity.

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