Beat a player 1v1 (U11 activity)


Beat a player 1v1


“Keep your balance” • “Trick your partner” • “Make a decision and go for the ball”

Set up three cones in a line 1 yard apart. Place a ball on each of the two end cones.

Start with two players facing each other over the middle cone. Make one the attacker and the other the defender.

The attacker is the lead and must try to fool the defender and get to one of the cones first and knock the ball off – the defender must try to mirror the movement and get there first.

Make sure both players are putting the effort in and don’t give up if they think the other player is faster than them – the distance is small and it is all about clever movement rather than speed.

Run this for short bursts of 30 seconds before a training session or during a break in a session as it can be hard on young legs.

How many players do I need?

Players work in pairs.

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