Beat a player 1v1 (U11 game)


Beat a player 1v1


“Keep your balance” • “Trick your partner” • “Make a decision and go for the ball”

Put two cones 8 yards apart. Stand two attackers on one cone and two defenders on the other. Place two balls on cones – one on each side of the defenders, about 4 yards away.

Give the defenders a ball. The first defender starts by passing the ball across the area to the attacker who controls the ball and dribbles quickly forward. The defender also moves forward.

The aim is for the attacker to beat the defender and make enough space to shoot at one of the balls on cones.

The attacker can use a skill such as a feint or turn to get away from the defender but must keep the ball alive or the next player will come onto the pitch.

The defender can take a chance and move quickly to block one route but that leaves the other side open to a clever attacker.

When a move comes to an end, the next players come on. Give each player five goes in each position and count how many balls each one hits to see who wins.

How many players do I need?

Players work in fours – there will be a lot of ball retrieving so you may need a helper to gather up the loose ones.

Game play

Accuracy of the shot.
Good dribbling to keep the ball active.
Defenders can read the body language of the attacker.

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