Block passes by the other side (U10 activity)


Block passes by the other side


“Get in front of the receiver” • “Good first touch” • “Anticipate the pass” • “Block the route”

Set up a 10 x 10 yards area with players in each corner and two players, in a 1v1, in the centre.

The players in the centre are a defender and an attacker. The attacker must receive a pass from one of the corner players and then make a pass back to one of the other corner players (not the player he received the ball from).

The defender must attempt to block any passes the attacker tries to make to the corners and put the ball out of play.

Play for 30 seconds then switch the players around – they will find it difficult at first but soon get used to following the movements of each other.

If the attacker is successful with his first receive and pass, encourage him to try to repeat with another corner player and see how many passes he can achieve within the 30 seconds.

Encourage quick play and try to get the defender to anticipate where the ball will go and block the pass.

How many players do I need?

You need six players in this activity.

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