Block passes by the other side (U8 activity)


Block passes by the other side


“Get to the ball before the other players” • “Support each other”

Play in a circle with a 10 yard diameter. Put five players on the outside of the circle and two players inside.

When you say “go”, the outside players pass the ball to each other across the circle (this means that the passes will vary in length and direction).

The two players in the middle must try to win the ball from the others and play it out of the circle – think piggy in the middle with two players.

The player that wins the ball swaps places with the player that played the ball last.

This is very good for social and fun time as well as a good technique work out for this age group. You can use this as a warm up before training or matches

How many players do I need?

We used seven players – two in the circle and five outside

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