Block passes by the other side (U8 game)


Block passes by the other side


“Get to the ball before the other players” • “Support each other”

Set up a 30 x 15 yards area with a goal at each end, split into three zones across the pitch – two goal zones and a central zone.

Split your players into two teams with each team having two defenders and a goalkeeper in their goal zone, two midfielders in the central zone and one attacker in the opposition’s goal zone.

Put cones around the goalkeeper to protect him from players running to catch the ball and knocking into him. No one except the goalkeeper can go in that area.

The game starts with the goalkeeper who throws the ball out to a team mate. The aim is to pass the ball, by throwing and catching it, through the zones to score by throwing the ball through the opposition’s goal.

The defending team must try and block passes with their hands and get turnover ball. Attackers must only shoot from the attacking third.

How many players do I need?

We used 12 players in the game.

Game play

Passing should be accurate even though it is a fun game.
Get players to shoot early.
Praise any blocks or near blocks.

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