Block passes (U9 game)


Block passes


“Watch the pass and block” • “Cover the shot” • “Block the pass from the outside players”

Use the penalty area of your 7v7 pitch and split your players into three teams of three players plus one goalkeeper.

Two teams operate inside the area – one attacking the goal, the other defending it. The third team plays on the outside of the area as neutrals, with one player positioned on each side of the penalty box.

The neutral team acts as support players for the team on the attack, but neutral players can only take one touch and cannot shoot.

Attackers can combine with each other and the neutrals in attempting to score. If a defender wins the ball, he passes to a neutral. Upon receiving it back, his team becomes attackers, with their opponents now defenders.

Play for three minutes then change the neutral team.

How many players do I need?

This game uses 10 players.

Game play

Quick reactions to transition.
Press high up the pitch.
Support the pressing player.

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