Block passing routes (U11 game)


Block passing routes


“Check where the passing options are” • “Support your team mate” “Know where the ball is” • “Block passes or intercept the ball if you can”

Set up a 20x15 yards area with a five-yard zone at each end of the area. Play 2v2 in the central zone and put two target players in each end zone.

One of the central pairs starts with the ball and they must combine to get the ball to one of their target players.

The target player controls the ball and passes to the other target player in his zone of the pitch. He then passes out to one of his team mates in the central zone.

The aim is to keep the ball for as long as possible. Players must remember that they have to pass the ball to a team mate within their own zone before passing into the end zone.

How many players do I need?

We used eight players for this game.

Game play

Quick reactions.
Good positioning.
Look for match-like pressing.

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