Block passing routes (U12-14 game)


Block passing routes


“Check where the passing options are” • “Support your team mate” • “Know where the ball is” • “Block passes or intercept the ball if you can”

Mark out a 40 x 20 yards area split into two 20 x 20 yards halves.

Split your players into three groups of four. Two groups play 4v4 in one half of the pitch, with the other group acting as neutral players around the sides of the area, positioned as shown.

The coach passes a ball into the area. The team that wins the ball must make five passes, which can include passes to the neutral players on the outside, and then they must pass to the neutral player at the other end.

If the pass to the neutral player is successful, everyone moves into the other half and the neutral player passes out to the team that was in possession.

If the opposition intercepts the ball, they must get it to the far neutral player as quickly as possible. They then move to the other half and retain possession.

How many players do I need?

We used 12 players in this game.

Game play

Quick reaction to transitions.
Press play and win the ball.
Look up and see the pass.

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