Block passing routes (U14 activity)


Block passing routes


“Check where the passing options are” • “Support your team mate” • “Know where the ball is” • “Block passes or intercept the ball if you can”

Mark out a 12 x 12 yards square with pop up goals (or cones 3 feet apart) on each corner and placed two-feet behind the line. Mark out a centre box measuring 4 x 4 feet.

Play a 5v2 game with one player from the team of five locked in the centre box and one on each side of the playing area. The team of two are the midfielders.

The team of five play with two touches and the two midfielders must try to steal the ball.

As counter-attacking is vital, if the midfielders intercept the ball they can score in any of the four goals.

For each of the midfielders, the key to success is his starting position in relation to where the ball is, where the centre square is and where the opponents are. Positioning, plus anticipation, will enable the midfielders to block the opposition’s passing routes.

How many players do I need?

We used seven players in this activity.

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