Control without the ball (U14 game)


Control without the ball


“One player goes to the ball” • “Support your team mate” • “Move across to cover space” • “Watch the angle of attack and respond”

Use three-quarters of an 11-a-side pitch playing a team of eight against a team of six with two goalkeepers – play for 6 minutes then change the pressing team around as it is hard work.

The team of eight must organise to attack the goal using the full width of the pitch – you need to concentrate on coaching the pressing team who must organise to stop the attacks with aggressive pressing.

Players work in the triangle pressing formation they focused on in the last activity.

If the team of six wins the ball they can hit the attackers on the counter.

You want to see the pressing team try to unbalance the attack and the attacking team to use the pitch to try and pass quickly past the triangle of pressers.

How many players do I need?

We used 16 players in this session but it is easy to adapt it to fewer players.

Game play

One player goes to the ball.
Players support the press.
Work rate must be high.

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