Corner kick (U7-U14 game)


Corner kick


“Place the ball near the corner” • “Kick towards the penalty area”

Use one end of your usual pitch. Put a player from each team on the two corners and put the other players in the penalty area in a 2v2.

The teams take turns to take three corners each. The players in the penalty area attack their own corner and defend their opponents’ corner.

Each player takes three corners. Taking turns like this means that any of your players will be able take corners during a match, which is much better than having a nominated corner taker at this stage of their development.

The team that scores the most goals wins. If the ball leaves the penalty area it is dead and the other team takes their turn.

How many players do I need?

I used seven players with two teams of three players and a goalkeeper. Players take turns to take corners.

Game play

Accuracy above power.
Players should shout for the ball.
Movement to the ball.

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