Correct heading technique in attack (U9-U14 activity)


Correct heading technique in attack


“Eyes open look at the ball” • “Put your weight on the balls of your feet” • “Head the ball down”

Set up a grid of 5 yard squares. Players work in pairs – one pair in each square. Give each pair a ball.

One player throws the ball up to his partner who jumps and heads the ball down to the first player. (If this proves difficult, start by players throwing the ball up to themselves to head down to their partner.)

Players should stand with legs slightly apart, knees flexed and their body weight on the front of their feet so they can jump with good power and balance. They must aim to head the ball above the middle so that it goes downwards.

If players really struggle with the idea of heading, get them to try balancing the ball on the forehead to get a feel for it.

How many players do I need?

Players work in pairs.

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