Correct heading technique in defence (U9-U10 game)


Correct heading technique in defence


“Eyes open look at the ball” • “Put your weight on the balls of your feet” • “Push upwards through the bottom of the ball”

Set up a 15 x 10 yards area with a goal at either end. Play a simple 4v4 game with no goalkeepers.

One team starts with the ball in the centre of the pitch. The first player must throw the ball to a team mate who must head the ball for a team mate to catch – once the ball is in a player’s hands he cannot move.

The aim is for the team in possession to work its way towards goal to score. Goals are scored by heading down into the goal.

The defending team must try to intercept the headed pass and head the ball away with a defensive header. If the ball goes to ground, possession is lost, if the ball crosses the touchline a throw in is given, and if the ball goes over the goal line a corner or goalkick (both thrown) is awarded.

Players should move and make themselves available for a header – explain that the pass from a header will be much slower than from the foot.

Players must react to transitions of play – there will be many. They must move and communicate in this simple game. Try to get good heading up and away.

How many players do I need?

We used eight players in this game.

Game play

Look at the ball.
Head the ball up and give it direction.
Arms can be used for balance and guidance.

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