Creative in the final third (U14 game)


Creative in the final third


“Look at the player you are passing to” • “Good first touch” • “Look up before you shoot” • “Move at the right times”

You can use the penalty area of your normal pitch for this or create an area 30 x 20 yards wide.

Set the players up so that three players – 1, 2 and 3 – are working around the D of the penalty area and there is a goalkeeper in goal.

Player 1 plays a one-two with player 3 and takes a shot at goal. Player 1 then turns to set up player 2 with a shot at goal.

As player 2 is trading passes with player 1, player 3 runs around the side of the penalty area and crosses the ball into the 6 yard box where the two strikers – players 1 and 2 – can try and score a goal.

Repeat this again on the other side of the pitch. Then add defenders who start next to the goal and play again. Allow all players a turn at being a striker.

How many players do I need?

We used six players plus two defenders in the progression.

Game play

Good first touch.

Accurate shooting.

Player understanding.

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