Defending in a group (U14 game)


Defending in a group


“One player goes to the ball” • “Support your team mate” • “Move across to cover space” • “Watch the angle of attack and respond”

This drill uses a strip within half a pitch with coloured cones marking out an imaginary halfway line. Play 6v6 with three defenders and three attackers, who stay in their own ‘halves’

Defenders mark opposing forwards. Six players on the outside offer support. There is a goalkeeper at each end.

The ball is transferred from the defenders or goalkeeper in one half to the forwards in the other, who try to score.

All forwards must touch the ball before a shot can be made – this forces players to move, change positions and create passing angles.

It also encourages the three forwards to support each other, cross over, make dummy runs off each other, demonstrate good close control and create movements to get shots in, while at the same time improving technique.

How many players do I need?

We used 20 players in this session.

Game play

Stay with the player.
Cover players not the ball.
Concentration vital to success.

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