Develop a turning skill (U10 game)


Develop a turning skill


“Control the ball” • “Turn quickly” • “Get the ball out from under your feet”

Set up a 30 x 15 yards area split into three channels: the top channel is 10 yards wide, the middle channel is 15 yards, and the bottom channel is 5 yards. At the end of the middle channel place a couple of two-yard gates as in the diagram. We’ve used nine players in this game.

Players dribble up the middle channel in threes. The two outer players must turn the corner and on their return run ”beat” the cone in the centre of the outside channels using a skill.

The centre player dribbles up the middle channel and must “beat” the central cone using a skill and then go through either the left or right gate before dribbling back down one of the outer channels.

As soon as the middle channel is clear, the next wave of players go, while the original players queue for the next run. In the next run the players must take the ball side to side down the central channel without hitting each other.

Adding defenders makes the game more realistic – can any of your players get past the defender in their channel?

How many players do I need?

I used nine players for the game, but you can line up groups of three as necessary or use one group to be defenders.

Game play

Good ball control in the first part.
Dribbling technique is important through the poles.
Shoot with accuracy.

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