Develop turning skills (U12 activity)


Develop turning skills

WIN THE 1v1s

“Make quick decisions” • “Change direction to fool the defender” • “Keep your body between the defender and the ball” • “Keep control of the ball”

Set up a 10 x 10 yards area with cones on each corner. Let the players know that each cone represents a different number of points (as shown).

Two players start the activity in opposite corners of the square. Give one of the players a ball and tell him to begin by passing to his opponent.

The player who receives the ball must try to score points either by dribbling the ball to the easy cones either side for 1 point or by dribbling past his opponent to the opposite corner for 3 points.

Here the red player forces play away from the 3-point cone that he is guarding. The white player on the ball decides to take the easy route and scores 1 point by stopping the ball next to the unguarded cone.

Remember this is all about the attacking player. If the defender is winning the ball too often make him a passive defender.

The defending player should try to win the ball so that he can attack one of the cones. Once a point, or points are scored, the scoring player passes to his opponent and they begin again.

How many players do I need?

You need two players per square. Set up as many squares as you can and have your squad practising in pairs around the pitch.

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