Develop turning skills (U12 game)


Develop turning skills


“Make quick decisions” • “Change direction to fool the defender” • “Keep your body between the defender and the ball” • “Keep control of the ball”

Set up a 20x20 yards area with a 5-yard shooting end zone. Put two small goals, 12 yards apart, on the end line.

Line up equal numbers of attackers and defenders on the line opposite the two goals. Play starts with the first attacker passing to a server, who passes down the line for the attacker to run on to.

At the same time the first defender must run to get into a position goal side of the attacker to try to stop him.

The attacker aims to avoid the defender and score in one of the goals. He can only score from inside the shooting zone. You need to encourage the attacker to execute a skill to beat the defender. It can be a feint or a simple turn.

The defender can only tackle inside the shooting zone - this makes sure the attacker is given time to weigh up the situation and fool the defender.

Try the session from both sides of the area to let the attackers try different angles of attack.

How many players do I need?

We played the game with two lines of three players, but you can add more to each line.

Game play

Good ball control.
Dribbling technique important to speed of attack.
Accurate shooting into the goals.

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