Develop turning skills (U14 game)


Develop turning skills


“Make quick decisions” • “Change direction to fool the defender” • “Keep your body between the defender and the ball” • “Keep control of the ball”

Position three players – A, B and C – in a line 10 yards apart. Start with this simple passing and turning exercise – A passes to B who turns and passes to C.

Then you need a pole for the receiving player to turn around after receiving the ball from A then passing to C – The ball comes back from C to B so the working player is turning both ways around the pole.

Move play on after four turns so B goes to C, C dribbles to A and A becomes the turning player.

Progress the session so players are working with a goal and goalkeeper – get them to try the turning exercise in a match-like situation.

While controlling the ball the player turns to the left, swinging his body around ready to take a route towards the goal i.e. away from the defender, who will struggle to make a challenge if the control and turn is made skilfully enough.

How many players do I need?

This game requires three players and a goalkeeper.

Game play

Turn technique is key to the session.
Accuracy with shots and passing.
Work the goalkeeper.

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