Dribble 3 yards, stop and pass 3 yards (U8 game)


Dribble 3 yards, stop and pass 3 yards


“Touch the ball to move forward” • “Stop the ball in the square with the sole of your foot” • “Pass to a team mate”

Set up Y-shaped area with a cone on each point of the Y and a gate in the middle. The top arms of the Y should be 3 yards from the centre and the bottom of the Y should be 2 yards long.

Players go in turn and dribble the ball for 3 yards to the centre gate. Here they should stop the ball with the sole of the foot then play a one-two with a team mate positioned at the bottom of the Y.

On receiving the ball back, the working player dribbles to the far cone. When he gets there, he turns and repeats the process, returning to the original cone.

Once you have run the players through this a couple of times, set up another Y area and race teams against each other. All three players must go, so rotate the server with one of the other players when they have taken their turn.

How many players do I need?

You need at least three players in each set up. Play as a game with two or more teams of three racing against other.

Game play

Players must concentrate on keeping the ball close.
Watch for poor technique as the game puts pressure on the players.
When the players get to the gate they should be able to stop the ball then pass accurately.

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