Dribble and change direction with the ball (U13 activity)


Dribble and change direction with the ball


“Keep your eyes on the ball” • “Look up to see where the cone is” • “Look up often as you dribble” • “Anticipate the pass”

You need balls, bibs and cones. Set up a 30 x 10 yards area split into three 10 x 10 yards zones.

Three players start at each end, two “wingers” playing into an attacking midfielder. Wingers begin with a ball each in this continuous drill. They play a 10-yard pass inside, then follow the pass.

Receiving inner midfielders must be inventive as they move through the cones, playing a pass out on the other side.

They then remain in place to receive the next pass and the move continues.

Now add a one-two from the winger to the attacking midfielder as the ball moves forward – players can be inventive with this part of the session. Get them to experiment with their passes.

How many players do I need?

This activity needs six players.

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