Dribble forward and shoot inside the penalty area (U8 activity)


Dribble forward and shoot inside the penalty area


“Touch the ball three times when moving forward” • “Keep the ball close in front of you” • “Shoot for accuracy not power”

Using the penalty area of your normal pitch, set up one gate to the right of the goal 5 yards from the goal line and another gate to the left. Put two cones 2 yards outside the penalty area, to the left and right of centre. Put players on each cone and give each player a ball.

When you say “go”, players take turns to dribble from the cone, through the gate and then take a shot at goal.

Because the players have to angle their bodies as they go through the gates, this activity is a realistic practice for match day attacking. At this age players would usually run straight into the penalty area. What we are trying to do here is to get the players used to running into areas around the penalty area.

Encourage players to go through both left and right gates and practise shooting with both feet. It is a good age to try and get them to use their weaker foot, because as players progress to the next age group they will be more likely to want to use both feet.

How many players do I need?

We used four players, so players dribble and shoot then get a short rest, but you can use more if necessary.

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