Dribble forward and shoot (U9 game)


Dribble forward and shoot


“Look at the ball then look up when dribbling” • “Work quickly but don’t go too fast and miscontrol the ball” • “Accuracy is more important than power”

Set up a 10 x 10 yards area split into four 5 x 5 yards squares – you need a target goal in each square and four balls in each of the goals at one end. Put a player by each goal.

Players take it in turns to move the four balls by dribbling to the centre line and shooting into the far goal. After each shot, they run back to collect the next ball and repeat.

The players race against each other in pairs, so they are under pressure to do it quickly and technique may suffer as a result. Don’t point out mistakes, the players will quickly realize they have done the wrong thing.

If a ball misses the goal, that ball is lost and 5 seconds are added onto the finish time – players must decide between speed and accuracy to try and win.

How many players do I need?

Players work against each other in pairs so you need at least four players.

Game play

Accuracy of the shot.
Good dribbling for speed.
Can I keep all the balls in play?

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