Dribble the ball 10 yards with one complete turn (U11 game)


Dribble the ball 10 yards with one complete turn


“Keep your eyes on the ball” • “Look up to see where the flag is” • “Look up often as you dribble” • “Turn around the flag using the outside of your foot”

Set up a 15 x 15 yards area with 2 x 2 yards squares in each corner and the corner flags in the centre of the squares. Each game is a 3v3.

The game is a simple 3v3 but the twist is that a player must turn around a corner flag before attacking the goal.

When a team has possession, they attack the opposition’s goal as normal, but one of the players must dribble the ball around one of the corner flags in the half he is attacking before his team can score.

No tackling is allowed inside the corner squares. All restarts are from next to the goal.

Suggest players use a hook turn, showing good technique, to get around the flags.

How many players do I need?

You need six players in a 3v3.

Game play

Use good technique with the first touch.
Pass and move to give support.
Throw good passes to help team mates.

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