Dribble the ball 3 yards, stop, then play a one-two pass (U10 activity)


Dribble the ball 3 yards, stop, then play a one-two pass


“Keep your eyes on the ball” • “Look up to see where to stop the ball” • “Use the sole of your foot to stop the ball” • “Pass and receive then dribble to the cone”

Set up two cones 7 yards apart with a 1 x 1 yard square in the middle. Put two players and a ball on one end cone and a single player on the other end cone.

When you say “go”, player 1 dribbles to the square, stops the ball, then plays a one-two with player 2. On receiving the ball back, player 1 dribbles round behind player 2 and gives him the ball.

Player 2 then repeats the exercise, going back the other way. Continue going and back and forth until all three players have had at least three goes.

Players can stop the ball with the sole of their boot on top of it – this is something they should be able to do well at this age – and react by quickly moving the ball out from their feet to play the one-two.

You want to see good dribbling technique and accurate stopping and passing. Encourage all the time when the players are using the correct technique – take them to one side to help them if they are doing it wrongly.

The stop and start movement in the square is very important. Make sure players are stopping the ball in the square and not letting it roll out – this could be the difference between keeping the ball in and out of play.

How many players do I need?

This activity works best with three players.

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