Dribble the ball 5 yards and turn (U9 game)


Dribble the ball 5 yards and turn


“Keep your eyes on the ball” • “Look up to see where the cone is” • “Look up often as you dribble” • “Turn using the inside or outside of the foot”

In a 25 x 15 yards area put a 10 x 10 yards square at one end and two 5 x 5 yards squares in the opposite corners.

Start with five players in the big square, each dribbling around with a ball. They must be on the move but stay in the square. Put three more players between the large square and the small squares.

When you say “go”, each dribbler aims to dribble his ball from the big square into one of the smaller squares. The three middle players must try to win the balls from the dribblers.

In this game dribblers need to be alert to the chance for getting out of the big square and into one of the smaller squares. Players can go when they want but they must do so within a 30 second time frame.

Remind the players they should be looking for a chance to dribble and that they should look at the ball and control it with the inside of the foot.

How many players do I need?

This game uses eight players but different numbers will work.

Game play

Players concentrate on accuracy of dribbling.
The tackling players just knock the ball away if they win it.
Turning away from danger while controlling the ball is key.

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