Dribble the ball 5 yards with one complete turn (U10 game)


Dribble the ball 5 yards with one complete turn


“Keep your eyes on the ball” • “Look up to see where the defender is” • “Look up often as you dribble” • “Turn using the outside of your foot”

Set up a 30 x 20 yards area with coned off zones at each end where the players stand. Create five circular “pots”, each 2 yards across, in the space between the end zones.

You need two teams of five players – four attackers start in each end zone and one defender starts out on the pitch. You need a ball for each player.

The aim is for the attackers to dribble the ball and stop it in a pot to score a point. The attackers go one at a time.

Once a ball is stopped in a pot it is safe and cannot be removed. The defender can stop the attacker by tagging them; they do not need to tackle the player. If they do this the player loses the ball.

Every player has a turn at attacking. Once a player has attacked he needs to react and defend against an attacker on the opposite team. The previous defender returns to their team.

Defenders are not allowed to run through or over any of the pots, giving the attacker a bit of protection. The middle pot is worth two points.

How many players do I need?

This game uses 10 players but different numbers will work.

Game play

Players concentrate on accuracy of dribbling.
The tackling players just knock the ball away if they win it.
Turning away from danger while controlling the ball is key.

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