Dribble the ball and change speed (U9 activity)


Dribble the ball and change speed


“Look at the ball for coordination” • “Look up often when dribbling” • “Speed up to beat the defender”

Set up two 1 yard wide coned gates 9 yards apart and put a 1 x 1 yard square in the middle. Start with two players, one with a ball, at one end of the channel and one player at the other.

When you say “go”, the player with the ball dribbles slowly to the square and stops the ball. He then dribbles as fast as he can to the other side, where the next player takes over going in the opposite direction.

When players dribble at speed you want them to touch the ball three times, not just kick and run. Send them back to the beginning if they lose control at any time.

Set up two or more courses alongside each other and run this activity as a game to see who can get three players through the quickest.

How many players do I need?

This game needs three players to work.

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