Dribble the ball and change speed (U9 game)


Dribble the ball and change speed


“Look at the ball for coordination” • “Look up often when dribbling” • “Speed up to beat the defender”

Set up a 10 x 10 yards area with a 5 x 5 yards square in the middle. You need five players – one to defend the small square and four, each with a ball, who start by dribbling around the bigger square.

The aim is for the dribbling players to quickly get into and out of the centre square without being tackled by the defender.

To get through the small square, the dribbling players must go quickly, keeping the ball under control as they speed through the square.

Play this game for 30 seconds and see how many players can get through the small square without being tackled. Give players a point for getting through and give the defender a point if he can knock the ball away.

Look at the ball and the cone alternatively so neither direction nor technique suffers

Keep the ball close in front

How many players do I need?

This game uses five players but different numbers will work.

Game play

Players concentrate on accuracy of dribbling.
The tackling players must concentrate on stealing the ball.
Keep balls under control after getting through the small square.

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