Dribble with the ball 5 yards with one half turn (U8 activity)


Dribble with the ball 5 yards with one half turn


“Touch the ball three times as it moves the distance” • “Keep the ball close in front of you” • “Use turns to keep the ball”

Set out three cones with the middle cone 4 yards from the first and the last cone off at a 45 degree angle 1 yard away. Stand two players on each end cone. Each player has a ball. Here we’ve set up two lines of cones.

When you say “go”, one player dribbles the ball from the first cone to the middle, makes a half turn and dribbles on to the last cone.

When he reaches the last cone, one of the players at that cone dribbles his ball back in the other direction.

Continue until all players have dribbled the ball in both directions.

The turn is not a hard one for players to make but concentration is needed when they do it. Watch for players running off course as they try to make the turn.

How many players do I need?

Players work in fours in the activity to give them time to watch and learn from their team mates.

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