Dribble with the ball 5 yards with one half turn (U8 game)


Dribble with the ball 5 yards with one half turn


“Touch the ball three times as it moves the distance” • “Keep the ball close in front of you” • “Use turns to keep the ball”

Set up a 15 x 15 yards square area. Put all of your players in the area. Give two players bibs and all of the others a ball each.

When you say “go”, the players with balls dribble around the area, meanwhile, the players with bibs must try to catch the dribblers and tag them. Once tagged they are frozen and cannot move.

Once players are frozen they cannot do anything to get back into the game – the other players will find it difficult to avoid being tagged.

Record the time it takes the two tagging players to freeze all the players in the area then get another pair to try and beat the time.

Under the pressure of trying to escape from the players in the bibs, the dribbling players’ technique will be tested and they will get better and better at keeping control of the ball.

How many players do I need?

Your whole squad can play this, so any number you like in an area 15 x 15 yards (use a smaller area if you have fewer than seven players).

Game play

Players must concentrate on keeping the ball close.
Watch for poor technique as the game puts pressure on the players.
Players will learn quickly how to control the ball so they can keep running away from the taggers.

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