Dribble with the ball and shoot (U10 activity)


Dribble with the ball and shoot


“Keep the ball in front of you” • “Call for the ball” • “Good first touch” • “Stop with the ball of your foot” • “Accuracy over power”

Set up a 15 x 10 yards area with three cones at one end, each with a ball on top. At the opposite end put a start cone, a gate 10 yards away and an end cone 2 yards further on.

Line up three defenders behind the start cone and three attackers behind the gate.

When you say “go”, a defender dribbles the ball forward and stops it in front of the gate. The attacker then takes the ball, dribbles forward and shoots at one of the balls on the cones, trying to knock it off.

The defender keeps on running and must go around the end cone then try to get in front of the attacker to defend the balls. The position of the end cone is vital to the success of the activity.

If the attackers are getting caught too easily move the cone further away so the defenders have less chance of catching the attacker.

You don’t want the defender to lunge in with a tackle, so make it so they can only press and jockey the attacker – you can progress to tackles when they have worked on the activity a few times.

How many players do I need?

We used six players in this activity.

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