Dribble with the ball and shoot (U10 game)


Dribble with the ball and shoot


“Keep the ball in front of you” • “Call for the ball” • “Good first touch” • “Stop with the ball of your foot” • “Accuracy over power”

Set up a 26 x 15 yards area split into two sections – one with three 6 x 5 yards boxes and the other 20 x 18 yards with three lines of three cones and a goal at the far end. Line up players behind each of the boxes and give each one a ball.

When you say “go”, the first player in each line dribbles to the far edge of the box, turns using a stop turn, dribbles back to the start line, then turns again and dribbles back the to far edge.

In the second part of the game, the player dribbles through the cones then shoots at the goal. You are looking for the players to move smoothly between the sections with good dribbling and shooting.

When the players dribble through the cones they should be touching the ball with both feet to control it.

How many players do I need?

I used nine players for the game

Game play

Good ball control in the first part. Dribbling technique is important through the poles. Shoot with accuracy.

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