Dribble with the ball and shoot (U12 game)


Dribble with the ball and shoot


“Keep the ball in front of you” • “Good first touch to get the ball out of your feet” • “Accuracy over power” • “Keep control of the ball”

Use half your 9v9 pitch with dribbling cones in the centre circle and a 1v1 box half way to the penalty area.

Start with three attacking players on the centre spot, a defender in the square and another in the penalty area. Put a server to the right of the square and a goalkeeper in the goal.

The first attacker dribbles through the cones and passes wide to the server. He then runs through the square and receives a pass back from the server.

At this point, the attacker has one defender behind and one in front and must move quickly to create a chance. He needs to move past the defenders and make room to get a shot on goal.

Coach the players to focus on the attacking moment and that speed will be enough to get them past the defenders. Once the shot has been taken, all the players quickly swap roles and the next player gets ready to go.

This is all about dribbling with quick one-twos in the first part of the drill. Players are learning to control the ball look up, pass and move into space to receive the ball back.

How many players do I need?

We used seven players in this activity.

Game play

Good ball control.
Dribbling technique important to speed of attack.
Accurate shooting into the goals.

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