Dribble with the ball and shoot (U14 game)


Dribble with the ball and shoot


“Keep the ball in front of you” • “Good first touch to get the ball out of your feet” • “Accuracy over power” • “Keep control of the ball”

Set up a 15 x 10 yards area split into 5-yard squares with goals on diagonally opposite end squares, as shown. – Split into even teams with a goalkeeper in each goal. Both teams work at the same time.

The session starts with players dribbling to the far line of the middle square then back to the near line before turning and unleashing a shot from within the middle square.

Once a player has taken a shot, he must retrieve his ball and join the back of the other team. Switch goalkeepers every few minutes.

Progress the session so the players have to shoot first time as soon as they go into the middle square (use cones if they need to be closer to shoot).

Intensity of the turn and shot is vital to the session. Try different shots – chip, drive, place and use both feet.

How many players do I need?

We used 10 players in the session but you can adapt numbers to suit your squad.

Game play

Accurate shooting is key.
Look at the ball and keep looking up for direction.
Watch the position of the keeper.

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