Dribble with the ball and turn with it (U14 activity)


Dribble with the ball and turn with it


“Keep glancing up so you can see where you are running” • “Watch your angles” • “Check where the ball is and cover passing lanes”

Set out four 10-yard squares. This is a simple dribbling with the ball session – players practise individually dribbling along different lines, and also in pairs going past a defender.

A: In this square players dribble diagonally to the centre of the square then dribble back.

B: Players in this square are dribbling along the borders of the square in straight lines.

C: One player with a ball dribbles towards a defender, feints, changes direction and goes past him at pace.

D: Both players have a ball and dribble towards each other before feinting, changing direction and going past them at pace.

Remind players they must keep the head over the ball when running with it to keep it close and maintain control.

When feinting to the left, throw shoulder to the left and transfer weight to the left foot before pushing away with the right foot and accelerating away with the ball. Vice versa for the right.

How many players do I need?

Six players took part in this activity, working individually and in pairs.

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