First touch control (U12-13 activity)


First touch control


“Keep your eyes on the ball” • “Look up to see where to stop the ball” • “Stop the ball in the box”

The longest sprint a young player will make is less than 10 yards and not in a straight line – so for this activity to work we use a square with one-yard boxes on each corner and with five yards between boxes.

Start the session with three players on the first corner – one with a ball, one to race against and one who stays on the corner. There should be one player on each of the other corners, ready to pick up the incoming ball and dribble it to the next square.

When you say “go”, the first player dribbles the ball at speed to the box on the next corner. The racing player runs alongside putting the dribbling player under pressure.

The dribbling player must stop the ball in the square, running through it to keep out of the way of the next dribbling player. The racing player stops by the square.

The player on the corner then dribbles at speed to the next corner and the first player races alongside him. The sequence repeats around the square until all players have had a go at dribbling and racing.

This game is all about speed, with two players racing to the next box in a continuous sprint-rest movement.

How many players do I need?

We used six players in the session.

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