Footwork matters most (U11-14 activity)


Footwork matters most


“Good first touch” • “Pass to the keeper” • “Accurate passing” • “Good weight of pass or lose the ball”

Set up a 15 x 15 yards area. On two ends of the square place four spare balls. Play a 2v2 in the square with two keepers opposite each other outside it.

The objective is for the keepers to develop confidence in using their feet to support team mates. This will help the team’s defence retain possession in front of their own goal.

A keeper starts with a pass to one of the teams in the square – keepers play for the team in possession. Points are awarded if a team makes five consecutive passes with each keeper contributing at least one pass each.

Progress the session by adding two wide outfield players, one on either side. The wide players also play for the team in possession. The keepers are now limited to just two touches and must continually adjust their supporting position and be thinking of the next pass.

Progress the activity further by reducing the size of the area. This pressures the keeper and the players in possession.

How many players do I need?

We used six players plus two in the development.

Game play

Quick reactions.
Good positioning.
Determination to get the ball.

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