Free kick (U13-14 game)


Free kick


“Understand the ball must be still when it is kicked” • “Understand one player takes the kick” • “The ball can go in any direction”

Use half your normal pitch taking the free kick from just outside the penalty area. You need a goalkeeper and four defenders facing three attackers.

Practice the free kick but explain to your players that they must stay onside and they need a late run from a player on the wing.

You can put players in teams and get them to come up with the best free kick routine using the players at training.

Remember the rules of the free kick on the opposite page – players must be 10 yards away.

You can turn this into a small sided game and give free kicks to both teams in different parts of the pitch.

How many players do I need?

You need 8 players for this practice

Game play

Accuracy above power.
Every player takes one.
Try passing moves and ask the players for free kick ideas.

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