Free kick (U7-U12 game)


Free kick


“Understand the ball must be still when it is kicked” • “Understand one player takes the kick” • “Kick the ball forwards”

Set up an 20 x 15 yards area with a goal at each end. Each team has a goalkeeper and three outfield players.

A team can only score from a free kick – it doesn’t have to be direct. To win a free kick players make three passes.

The free kick is given where the player received the third pass.

Set up each free kick as it would be in a match with players standing the correct distance away (5 yards).

Sometimes the three pass rule will not work so you may need to say one of the passes has to be in the attacking half of the pitch if the passing is too easy, and if it is too hard say they only need two passes.

How many players do I need?

I played a 4v4 game for this practice.

Game play

Accuracy above power.
Every player takes one.
Try passing moves and ask the players for free kick ideas.

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