Full pitch pressure to win the ball (U11 game)


Full pitch pressure to win the ball


“Close down quickly” • “Don’t commit until you see a good chance to win the ball” • “Try to force a mistake” • “Win the ball”

Use the centre circle of your pitch or mark out a circle with a 20- yard diameter and another circle with a 10-yard diameter inside that.

Split your players into three groups of three. Each group has a ball, with one player in the centre and two on the outside of the large circle.

Play starts with three players on each team passing from the outside to the inside – and then out again.

The idea is to keep your own passing going while also trying to block or intercept the other teams’ balls. All players must keep on the move to make angles for their team mates to pass to and stay away from opponents.

To progress the session, allow the centre players to move into the other zone to make it easier to get the pass. They can dribble around the circle and lay off a pass to the third player.

How many players do I need?

We used nine players for this game.

Game play

Make attackers play into small areas so they can intercept, tackle, or force an error.
Prevent any first-time passes.

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