Full pitch pressure to win the ball (U13 game)


Full pitch pressure to win the ball


“Close down quickly” • “Don’t commit until you see a good chance to win the ball” • “Try and force a mistake” • “Win the ball” • “Counter-attack quickly”

Set up using half your normal 11v11 pitch and cone off the area from the edge of the penalty area to the halfway line.

Play a game with four defenders and a goalkeeper against seven attackers and a keeper. The defenders should be in a back four with the attackers spread around the area supporting one central attacker.

Play begins when the central attacker has touched the pass from the goalkeeper – all attackers must get onside as quickly as possible.

Defenders must close tight in the back four or any gaps will be exploited by the overload.

Quick play by the defenders and tight pressing can create mistakes giving the defenders a chance to counter-attack.

How many players do I need?

We used 13 players in this game.

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