Full team pressing (U13 activity)


Full team pressing


“Work as a team” • “Remember your role” • “Watch your opponents’ movement”

Use half your normal pitch – this is a scenario to help coach players in full team movement and should be used in a stop-start style of coaching.

The blue team plays out from the back with the opposition taking up good pressing positions all over the pitch. Start with a pass from the goalkeeper [1].

The closest attacker [2] presses his man and closes down space... his fellow attacker must stay aware of a potential pass infield across the back four. He must be ready to press.

The role of the central midfielder [3] is essential – as he recovers he must stay aware of changing game elements around him, being ready to cover a pass infield or a switch.

The attacking winger [4] moves into a wider position to cover any run in that area by the right full-back. The yellow full-back [5] covers to press the wide man to block any passes out of defence. The midfielder [6] recovers to a central area in order to cover any switched ball, as well as to aid his team defensively.

How many players do I need?

Use full 11v11 in this activity.

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