Handling the ball (U7-U8 activity)


Handling the ball


“Catch with two hands” • “Throw to an unmarked player” • “Roll it to his feet” • “Bowl the ball overarm”

Players work in pairs 5 yards apart and they practise each of the three handling skills – two armed throw for a catch, roll to feet and overarm throw for a catch.

In the first skill, one player throws the ball from two hands, either from over the head with a throw-in motion or under arm with both arms throwing the ball, and the other player catches with two hands. He then throws the ball back to his partner.

In the second skill, one player bends down and rolls the ball with two hands to his partner’s feet and the partner passes back by kicking the ball. In this pair the players do three rolls then swap roller and passer.

In the third skill, the players use a one-handed overarm throw using a smooth bowling action, with the arm kept virtually straight as the throw is made. Players can get more distance throwing like this, but accuracy is the most important thing here.

Players repeat the drills going back and forth, throwing to hand or bowling to feet. Accuracy is key to getting players to be more active when they go in goal.

How many players do I need?

All your players work on this – you can do it in pairs.

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