Kick-off (U13-14 game)




“Pass the ball to a team mate” • “Support the player with the ball”

Your should use half your pitch for this and work from the centre spot.

In the first part of the game, one player takes kick-off and has four options to pass back into his side of the pitch.

This needs quick play as the ball is going back into the player’s own half of the pitch. Communication is key and immediately the pass is made to one of the four players the others and the kick-off taker must react and support the player on the ball.

Being switched on is clearly important as the player who gets the ball will be the focus of foraging opposition forwards intent on winning the ball. Support players are key to offering routes that the receiver can use to pass into areas less crowded.

Practise four ways to do the kick-off passing back into your team’s half of the pitch – you can do it for a few minutes at each training session as a way of warming the players up. Also let them have a go at passing the ball forward for the four players to chase into the opposition half like they did at 9-a-side.

How many players do I need?

This is a five man kick-off practice

Game play

Timing is key to the kick-offs.
Be positive.
Praise players for good attempts.

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