Know that you must retreat when your side loses the ball (U7 activity)


Know that you must retreat when your side loses the ball


“Get between the ball and your own goal”

Set up a 15 x 10 yards area with a goal at each end.

Split your players into two teams and gather them on the halfway line. Tell two players they are defenders and two players they are attackers.

Tell them which goal they are defending and explain that you want them to get into the correct positions on your call.

When everyone understands which goal they should defend and which one they should attack, give the teams a call in turn “Yellow, defend” or “Red, attack”. On your call, the team should run and get into the correct position.

When the players move into position they should try to keep their formation (i.e. defenders and attackers) but that is secondary to making sure that they are in the right part of the pitch, facing in the right direction.

Use this activity for just a few minutes at the start of each training session so you are not wasting time during the session constantly telling the players which way they are kicking the ball.

How many players do I need?

You can work with any number of players you have in your squad. We used eight players.

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