Know the direction of play (U7 game)


Know the direction of play


“Understand that to score, the ball must go towards the opposition goal”

Set up a 15 x 15 yards area with a coloured cone at each end. You need a number of balls to serve into the game.

Split the players into two teams. Give the teams coloured bibs that match the cones and explain that they play towards the cone that is the same colour as the other team.

When the team has the ball all players should be running forward. They are aiming to hit the cone with the ball. If they are successful or the ball goes out of play, the game is restarted.

Try to get players to pass the ball. Don’t worry about constant turnover of the ball to the opposition because it will happen a lot in a game like this at this age group.

Encourage players to spread out and cover the whole area they are defending

Each restart should be from the coach and players should get back into their own side of the pitch each time.

How many players do I need?

This game uses six players in a 3v3 but any combinations of numbers will work.

Game play

Players should know which way they are shooting.
Ask them the easiest way to get to goal (pass to a team mate in space).
Look for passing, dribbling and movement.

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