Know the direction of play (U8 activity)


Know the direction of play


“Understand that to score the ball must go forward”

Set up a small pitch measuring 15 x 10 yards with goals at each end. Split your players into two teams – here there are two teams of three players and two goalkeepers.

Explain to the players that on your call they must run on to the pitch and set up in their two teams and the goalkeeper of one team (tell them which) must start the game with a goal kick.

Talk slowly but you don’t want the players hanging around so make it short and sweet “I have put you into two teams, a red and a yellow team. On my whistle you must go and set up with each team in one half of the pitch”.

When the players move, count out loud but count slowly so no one is panicked into doing the wrong thing.

When you get close to the count of 10 call out to the goalkeeper you asked to start the game to make sure he has a ball.

Once the game is under way, let them play for five minutes then repeat the exercise. You can progress it by saying they must pass twice before they can shoot at goal.

How many players do I need?

We used eight players for this game but you just need to split your squad in half to play it.

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